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Vesta Tizenhauzienė, LRT TV, LRT.lt2021.08.19 14:00

The production of honey has doubled compared to last year, while exports of the country’s produce has also been increasing, according to Lithuanian Beekeepers Association.  

Last year, beekeepers all over Europe were dealing with a shortage of honey, so this June the demand was very high, according to Ramunė Cibienė from Lithuanian Beekeepers Association.

“When foreigners taste our honey, they say that apothecaries should sell it. There are sunflower fields, rapeseed fields, and acacia fields abroad, but this kind of varied, mixed honey, we can be proud of such honey,” says Cibienė.

The beekeeping sector has grown over the last few years, with double the number of bee colonies and beekeepers, data from Lithuanian Beekeepers Association shows. There are currently some 12,000 registered beekeepers in Lithuania.

However, some say the price of honey has been stagnating.

“Honey did not rise in price. Everything is getting more expensive,but not honey,” says beekeeper Elena Gečienė from Šilutė District. There was also little difference in the amount of honey extracted, she adds.

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